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What is a concierged assignment?

Concierged assignments are listed by intermediaries who source for tutors on behalf of parents who might have specific requirements. These intermediaries might charge a fee for their services. Do clarify the fee arrangement prior to agreeing to an assignment. Do write to us at [email protected] should you have any nasty encounters.

How do I bid for assignments?

Simply go to the available assignments page to view all available tutoring jobs. Bid for those that you are interested in! The form is easy to fill and no sign up is required.

Can I contact parents directly?

No. Parents would first have to contact you before you can communicate with them. We urge you to be respectful to parents at all times and not send an unreasonable amount of messages to badger them. If we receive complaints we could disable your account.

What is a relevant subject/grade that I should be submitting when bidding for assignments?

A relevant subject is one that directly supports your bid for a particular teaching assignment. For instance if you were bidding for a secondary math assignment, ideally, this should be backed up by a certain grade attained at JC Mathematics or even higher. Naturally, if you did not take Math at a higher level then you could report A/E Math scores, particularly if you are merely applying for a primary level assignment. Clearly, the higher your qualification, the stronger your bid would be.

Why do I automatically get an account after I bid?

We do this to make it easier for you to bid for subsequent assignments! Basic information would already be captured and preloaded for you so that you may bid for assignments more quickly and easily. Having an account also helps you to communicate with parents easily.

Why should I update my profile?

Updating your profile makes your bids more compelling. By giving parents more information, you give them a reason to trust their children with you as well as justification for why you might command higher rates. This allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Why should I get testimonials?

Testimonials represent external validation of your tutoting capabilities. Good testimonials are sufficiently long and provide good details on your teacher. A photo of the parent or student also adds to the credibility of the review.

What does manage testimonials do?

Manage testimonials allow you to choose which 3 testimonials you would like to show parents when you bid for assignments. The best testimonial is the first testimonial that is displayed. We encourage you to get as many testimonials as possible as we will introduce new features in future that allow you to leverage in all these extra validation.

What is "award assignment" and why is it important to me?

We are helping you log your assignments so that parents have a reliable way of knowing your tutoring experience. Help us do this by requesting that parents click on the award assignment button should they decide to engage your services. Once they do so, you will get a notification. You may then proceed to arrange your first class with them.

What are the tutor adjectives?

We scoured thousands of testimonials to find out how parents typically characterize good tutors and distilled their traits into a set of key words. These adjectives are to help you define who you are as a tutor and help parents decide whether you are a good fit for their child.