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How Does The Platform Work?

Simply submit a tutor request form (this takes less than a minute!) and your assignment would be open for bidding by tutors. Interested tutors would submit their personal information for your review and you may contact shortlisted tutors directly!

How do I find my request after submission?

You may do so under "Find My Request" using either your email address or phone number.

When will I hear back from tutors?

You should start receiving bids within 24 hours of putting your assignment up. We are working on reducing this lead time to a few hours.

How will I be notified when tutors bid?

You will receive an email notification when someone applies for your assignment. You may then search for your assignment under "Find My Request" using either your email address or phone number.

What if I cannot find a suitable tutor?

Drop us an email and we will help you analyze your request to provide additional suggestions and support to help you find someone suitable as soon as possible.

What is "award assignment"?

When you have found your preferred tutor for the assignment, click on the award assignment button to confirm them as your tutor. This would let us know that your request has been fulfilled.

What do the words in the blue bubbles of tutor bids indicate?

We scoured thousands of testimonials to find out how parents typically characterize good tutors and distilled their traits into a set of key words. The words in the blue bubbles define the key traits of the particular tutor and helps you to determine whether they are a good fit for your child.