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Get direct access to more suitable tutors instead of choosing from a narrow shortlist and make better hiring decisions.

Screen tutors personally instead of relying on a 3rd party for information that may not be reliable.

We extract the most essential information for you to easily assess tutors: experience, schools, grades & testimonials.

Reviewing tutor bids helps you assess their sincerity and commitment; essential traits of good and responsible tutors.

Communicating with tutors helps you easily weed out tutors with “red flags”, rather than discovering issues on the first class.

Tutors get access to our resources and guides to give your child a better learning experience.

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I have tutored since I was 16 years old in Secondary 4 starting with friends and family; the nephew of my mom’s boss, my cousins etc. After A levels, I taught more tuition to earn my own keep. Back then, a good decade ago, one $70 newspaper ad bagged me one week worth of assignments! Unfortunately, the market has changed drastically since then. With horror stories about tuition agencies and tutors over the years, parents are increasingly sceptical, which is a sad state of affairs.
I built Deanslist to try to restore that confidence between parents and tutors, and give every child a chance of making the Dean’s List someday.